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What Makes
Red39 Records Different?

Red39 Records, the label arm of Red39 Entertainment, stands as a beacon of innovation in the independent music scene. Established in 2006, it first made waves by partnering with Sony/BMG/Flicker Records for the radio promotion of singles by the then-teen sensation eleventyseven.

Garnering attention on national stations like Radio Disney, Red39 Records carved its niche by reaching it's Top 40 charts with hits "Christmas Magic" and "How It Feels To Be With You,"

At its core, Red39 Records is not just a label; it's a partnership haven for artists. Adopting an artist/label collaboration model, it prioritizes the artists' interests with an artist manager's approach. But without the artist paying any commissions to us.

The label is dedicated to nurturing emerging talents, providing them a robust platform for development and setting the stage for their potential transitions to larger indies or major labels.

What sets Red39 Records apart is its commitment to artists' autonomy. Structuring deals where artists retain full control and ownership of their music, the label employs private investors to fund artists' advances, thereby eschewing traditional record deals fraught with low royalties and restrictive 360 contracts.

The label's lineage is enriched by the visionary leadership of Chip Latham, co-founder and CEO of Red39 Entertainment. Under his stewardship, Red39 has offered management and consulting services to illustrious names like Rod Stewart, Prince, Hootie and the Blowfish, The Advice, Jim Sonefeld, and more, further cementing its status as a cultivator of talent and a champion of artist rights.